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Charity Golf Tournament Makes Giving Be Fun And Easy

Date: 3/1/2013

Celebrating its 8th year as one of the best Charity Golf Tournaments in town, the Los Cabos Humane Society´s Paws 'N Claws Golf Classic, will take place Saturday, March 16, 2013 at Cabo del Sol Golf Club. “This is the second major fundraiser of the year from which we must raise money for our spay/neuter program without having to cut back this year for lack of funding.” said Margarita Partridge of the LG Humane Society. The fundraising cost for the Paws 'N Claws Golf Tournament is $400 U.S. dollars to shoot a round of 18 holes on the ocean course located...

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Mexico Is Growing Strong. And The Forecast For Cabo This 2013 Is No Different

Date: 2/28/2013

When it comes to anyone having to forecast Cabo or even predict the new year for Cabo, 2013, we can be certain of a few simple things. One, it's going to be warm and sunny at least 340 days of the year. It might rain anywhere from 3-4 days in 2013, and with added flights scheduled to Los Cabos and the San Jose del Cabo airport, there will undoubtedly be more tourists and guests arriving by air. Access to Cabo made simpler: While there will unfortunately be less visitors to this vacation paradise getting here by sea; as cruise ships have dwindled...

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Los Cabos Open Surf 2013 Getting Ready To Receive World's Top Surfers For The Next 6 Stars ASP World

Date: 2/27/2013

UPDATE: Check out our latest guide to the event with schedules and all the information here ( Whether anyone has known before that surf in Cabo is quite popular, they will certainly become aware now that Baja California Sur Secretary of Tourism, Ruben Lugo Reachi, recently announced that Los Cabos will host the next 2013 World Surfing Tournament. This June 17-23, San Jose del Cabo will be where members of the World Tournament Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) plan on hitting the waves at Costa Azul, featuring the participation of surfers from around the world. Contestants will all be vying for chunks of...

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El Triunfo To Host The 6th Annual Artisan Festival

Date: 2/26/2013

On Sunday, March 17, 2013 the little quiet town of El Triunfo, will host their 6th Annual Artisan Festival. El Triunfo is best described as an incredible step back in time. Like walking into the old west of Mexico. The scarcely populated city, is actually closer to being an old Mexican village. One without the comforts of modern technology. The city itself, is somewhat difficult to find as it lies tucked away, as if hidden, within the mountains and canyons that separate San Jose del Cabo and Los Barriles from La Paz. At last year's event, there were live performances which began...

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Looking to Enjoy an Old Mexican Tradition? The San Jose del Cabo Festival 2013 is Almost Here

Date: 2/19/2013

Friday, March 8 on the Mexican calendar of saints is el dia de San Jose, meaning the day of St. Joseph. On that date, the city of San Jose del Cabo begins the special holiday celebration of their patron saint, which has been known yearly as Fiestas de Marzo (Parties of March) or San Jose del Cabo Festival. This year, the party in downtown San Jose del Cabo, begins March 10 and ends on Sunday, March 17, St. Patrick's Day. What separates San Jose del Cabo from its more popular neighbor of Cabo San Lucas, is the city's central plaza which features...

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Los Cabos Ironman 2013 Starts March 17, Check Out How It Will All Happen

Date: 1/28/2013

As if running a 26.2 mile marathon were not enough, 1,500 participants competing in the Ford Ironman 2013 Los Cabos, will all swim 2.4 miles, and then bike 112 miles before finishing with the grueling 42.2 kilometer marathon run on March 17, St. Patrick's Day. Registration for this world-wide popular event started May 21, 2012 and was closed to entries January 16, 2013. San Jose del Cabo is host to this multi-challenging test of physical and mental conditioning and athleticism. Contestants paid a whopping $650 U.S. dollars for the opportunity to push themselves to limits beyond the physically imaginable. Professional (sometimes...

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United States of Cabo Documentary. What's it like to be a Redhead for Sammy Hagar?

Date: 1/10/2013

A new independent documentary about Sammy Hagar’s fans (Redheads) called “United States of Cabo“ will be released early 2014. The film, made available by Murmur Films and director Murray Wasylnuk, captures intimate fan experiences and stories that will have viewer venture into what it means to be a Redhead and live the...

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Is Water in Cabo Safe for Drinking?

Date: 12/21/2012

“Is water in Cabo safe to drink from the tap or filter?” – Almost everyone coming to Cabo. For the longest of time, dating back to the 1970's, 80's and 90's, one of the most commonly asked questions about Mexico has been whether the country's tap water was safe. American, Canadian and European concerns on whether the water in Mexico was safe enough to use while brushing their teeth or more specifically; if the water was safe enough to drink. That all important health issue regarding the quality of tap water in Cabo San Lucas is still being questioned even as the country...

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George Clooney and Cabo's Celebrity Settlers

Date: 12/17/2012

While Cabo San Lucas remains one of Hollywood actor/director George Clooney's favorite retreats, he is but one in a long line of the many Los Angeles movie stars who have made Los Cabos practically their home away from home. Hollywood super stars Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Bing Crosby, John Wayne, Clark Gable and Frank Sinatra initiated the movie star trend of discovering this playground of the rich and famous during their repeat visits and long stays in the 1950's when Cabo was still relatively unknown to the world at large. When George Clooney does arrive, he is most often the photographic target...

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Los Cabos Whale Sharks

Date: 10/23/2012

The warm waters of Southern Baja California have long attracted some of the oldest and largest species on the planet, thousands of years before tourists began streaming to Los Cabos to see them during the fall and winter months of mid-October to March. And while whale sharks possess names that distinguish them as very large (whale) and potentially dangerous (sharks) they are undoubtedly very tame, non-aggressive, colossal creatures of the sea. First recorded as a species of the sea in April 1829 after its first documented appearance in Table Bay, South Africa, the whale shark is known to reach lengths in size...

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