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Los Cabos Open Surf 2013 Getting Ready To Receive World's Top Surfers For The Next 6 Stars ASP World

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UPDATE: Check out our latest guide to the event with schedules and all the information here ( Whether anyone has known before that surf in Cabo is quite popular, they will certainly become aware now that Baja California Sur Secretary of Tourism, Ruben Lugo Reachi, recently announced that Los Cabos will host the next 2013 World Surfing Tournament. This June 17-23, San Jose del Cabo will be where members of the World Tournament Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) plan on hitting the waves at Costa Azul, featuring the participation of surfers from around the world. Contestants will all be vying for chunks of the $155,000 (US) dollar purse. In January, similar competitions, with an equal amount of money awarded to winners and top three finishers, were held in Hawaii, and China. In February, the tournaments have been contested in Puerto Rico and Australia and they continue in March at such exotic places like Argentina and Japan. ''These are the highest level of surf competitions that award points to competitors, which qualify them to the world championships. It's an important tournament that is part of the ASP series.'' said Lugo Reachi. Adding that only Los Cabos and Hawaii, are the sole two places in the world, where anyone can surf 365 days of the year. An aspect, which led to Los Cabos being designated as one of the viable sites for this all important surfing-world extravaganza. Another prestigious event which brings added tourism dollars and more recognition to this region and what Los Cabos can offer the world community at large. And while for many years, surfing has long been considered a sport for young people, the ASP organization, now recognizes the need to open the event to competitors of all ages. Surfing is also a unique sport, whose doors to excellence are not limited to the elite classes of socioeconomic levels, but are wide open to anyone and everyone. People from even the poorest of backgrounds can jump on their boards, and with complete and utter dedication, reach the pinnacles of surf greatness through sheer hard work and fortitude. The waves of Los Cabos were all important factors in landing this special event. And the Association of Surf Professionals are no strangers to this area, as they have held their Surf Summit in fabulous Cabo for over 16 years. In fact, it was at during one of these surfing soirees of the 1970's, held in Los Barriles, in which the term, ''whatever happens in Cabo stays in Cabo'' was first coined. A famous line now used by people in relation to wild and unspeakable exploits that occur in Las Vegas. ''There's no better place to surf than at Costa Azul'', said Sarah J of Boise, Idaho. A prime surfing location that many who have come and gone, and others who reside in Cabo associate and recognize as Zippers. ''I thoroughly enjoyed watching the surfers,'' added corkscru57 of Greenwich, Connecticut, when describing his experience at Zippers on Tripadvisor's community board comments. And when it comes to surfing, the sport itself has undergone some valuable transformations in terms of how the making of the boards has turned into an art form itself. It's a process which has not changed since the appearance of the polyurethane that goes over the board. A material that was inherited from the technological advancements after World War ll. Before then, rafting wood was used, which was a more difficult material to work with. A lot of surfers have a unique style, based on their personal weight and height, but nothing differentiates one from the other like their boards. Many boards of course, vary in size, length and thickness. Surfers adapt their own personal characteristics and tastes to board’s dimensions that work best for them and their physical attributes. There are many manufacturers of fine...

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