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First turtles released in Cabo

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We keep talking about turtles. But it is that time of year – turtle time in Cabo, and now things are starting to happen…

Yesterday afternoon, a bunch of school kids along with various local officials released the first group of baby turtles – about 200 olive ridleys - back into the sea.

The children were involved via the Environmental Education Program - One in A Thousand. The program aims to teach the kids that only one out of every 1000 baby turtles actually make it to adulthood.It encourages them to become environmentally aware and responsible from a young age. And most importantly makes them understand the need to protect these tiny creature and their eggs.

And just in case you need a spot of turtle awareness…

Did you know that Mexico is home to 7 of the world’s 8 species of marine turtles. Five of these are found in the Sea of Cortez. And of the three types that nest – all of them come to Cabo beaches to lay their eggs.

Cabo has  great conservation projects in place and these nests are guarded at all times. At the moment there are about 250 nests with roughly 100 eggs in each. And eggs take about 45 days to hatch.

And it’s not just children that get involved. Loads of people do. So if you are in Cabo and would like to help with catch and release programs there are loads to choose from. 

Here are just three suggestions - 

1. ASUPMATOMA -  a local charity which run turtle camps.

2. CABO OUTFITTERS  - a company that runs turtle release adventures.

3. HILTON LOS CABOS - a member of the Sea turtle Protection Program. And are currently tracking their own “adopted” turtle by satellite.

Definitely an unforgettable natural phenomenon - well worth seeing if you are in town.

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