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Cabo kids release turtles

Date: 10/10/2016

Local Cabo kids with disabilities get chance to participate in turtle release program on Santa Maria beach.

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More turtle tracking in Cabo

Date: 11/21/2016

Another travelling turtle for Cabo as Bella sets off on her travels...

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Time for turtles again in Cabo

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Nesting season begins again for Cabos sea turtles…

It’s turtle time again in Cabo. And it’s a great time to be here and experience this wonderful natural spectacle.

Cabo, and all the beaches of Baja California Sur, are famous for being the hatching ground for 7 of the world’s 8 species of sea turtles.

Every year, between July and September, female adult turtles leave the sea in the dead of night. They crawl up on to the beaches and use their powerful fins to dig a nest in the sand. Where they deposit their eggs one by one and then cover them with sand before slipping back into the sea. 

Sounds easy.  But actually this is where the first danger begins. The nests are often poached. And the eggs sold. So the turtles need protecting. 

ASUPMATOMA is Cabo’s local turtle conservation charity. Set up in 1995, each season ASUPMATOMA runs two very successful turtle camps with nest protection (and release) programs. This season’s nest protection camps have just opened and all volunteers are welcome to spend a night on the beach guarding the nests.

After 45-60 days the hatching begins. And so does the next danger. As the tiny baby turtles instinctively scurry toward the sea they are extremely vulnerable to all sorts of predators. And this is where ASUPMATOMA steps in for the second time  - with their turtle release programs which begin in September.

Get involved. Watching these turtles dig their nocturnal nests, seeing the babies hatch and ensuring their safe release  back to the sea is something you will never forget

You can send an email to,  check out the website, or give them a call. (See numbers below)

Office: (624) 143 0269,

Cell: 624 1 220 777/ 624 1 136 330.

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