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Cabo in line for Latin American Green Awards

Date Published:

Cabo conservation project makes it  to final of Latin American Green Awards...

Conservation is a big deal around Los Cabos.

Whale sanctuaries, turtle camps, catch and release fishing, nature reserves, national parks, bird sanctuaries… And so much more. You name it - and most likely Cabo has got a conservation project on it.

All these activities achieve 3 main things it. Firstly, it attracts a huge amount of visitors. Secondly, it facilitates a huge amount of crucial biological research. And thirdly, and most importantly, it conserves a huge amount of animal, plant and marine life that might otherwise have ceased to exit. Definitely – it’s a big deal.

Being in the running for the Latin American Green Awards is also a big deal. The Los Cabos program for “Protection, conservation and research of natural resources and wildlife” has made it through to the final, in the category for “Biodiversity and Fauna”.

The Latin American Green Awards is a United Nations project that recognises important environmental initiatives across the whole of Latin America.

The final presentations will be made in Ecuador on 22 and 23 August. And the winners will be announced via social media on August 24. Los Cabos director of Ecology has confirmed that a delegation will be traveling to Ecuador for the final presentation.

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