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Sammy Hagar to play shows on Cinco De Mayo?

Date: 10/27/2013

One of the most iconic annual event in Cabo San Lucas is Sammy Hagar’s Birthday Bash which takes place around the week of his birthday (October 13). Could he be planning a show in May...

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Results for the Bisbees Los Cabos Offshore Tournament 2013

Date: 10/25/2013

Some of the major highlights of the 2013 Los Cabos 13th Annual Offshore Tournament, were the overall purse of $621, 350 US Dollars, a 201 pound tuna that was caught Sunday, October 20th, and 90 teams which competed from all over the world in what is known as Cabo's youngest tournament. While the other Bisbee family fishing tournaments date as far back as 32 years, the Offshore event made its debut in 2000, as an added venue to help local charities and bring together international fisherman from around the globe, for four days of competition, camaraderie and helping the Cabo...

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The Bisbees Back & Blue. Update for Day #2 Here

Date: 10/23/2013

The Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin tournament has started today. Lots of money, sweat, diesel and fishermen’s dreams are on the line here. Each one of the 105 teams out there have a chance to go home with millions on their pockets and of course a life-time memory of being a...

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Drug Related Crime or Just Old Debts? Is it Still Safe in Los Cabos?

Date: 10/22/2013

Francisco Rafael Arellano Félix, associated with the Tijuana Cartel, was shot and killed in Los Cabos on Friday October 18 at around 8 PM. Who was he, why did this happen, and what does this mean for Los Cabos? The Tijuana Cartel is one of three drug cartels that control smuggling from Mexico to the United States, though it is reported to be the least powerful. The cartel was weakened in 2006 when its chief was arrested by the U.S. Coast Guard and again in 2007 when Mexican Army troops were sent to Tijuana in an operation to restore order and remove...

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Strong Season for San Jose del Cabo, Now There's More Things to Do

Date: 10/21/2013

Late October and early November mark the start of high season in Los Cabos, and this year, there is much to look forward to in San Jose del Cabo. What many visitors to Cabo are unaware of is that San Lucas is one of--if not the very youngest city in the world. A population that did not begin to establish itself and grow until late in the 1960's and mid-1970's. San Jose del Cabo meanwhile, was first colonized as a mission by the Spaniards in 1730, as a means to quell the pirate raids that were disrupting their exploration of the Americas....

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What to Celebrate: Halloween or Dia de Muertos?... Why not Both?

Date: 10/17/2013

Do they have Halloween in Mexico? Are Day of the Dead and Halloween the same thing? These are two commonly asked questions this time of year. Tourists traveling to Cabo for the first time may wonder if they should bring a costume or if they will be able to take their kids trick or treating. First things first: Halloween and Day of the Dead are not the same thing. Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican cultural tradition commemorating the lives of relatives and ancestors that have passed on. Noche de Brujas (Halloween) is a North American tradition...

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Spectacular Views Today in Cabo San Lucas With Tornado Forming

Date: 10/13/2013

An apparent Tornado that appeared in Cabo San Lucas during the afternoon hours of Sunday, October 13, and was captured for posterity in photo and video, and appeared to induce mild panic in this southern Baja California vacation paradise city, vanished and was gone just as quickly as it was seen...

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The Magical Season of the Sea Turtle Release in Los Cabos is Here

Date: 10/12/2013

The annual sea turtle release program and events return to Los Cabos every fall season, during the months of October and November. The start of high season in tourism-dependent Cabo, ushers in the magical, early morning moments, when locals and visitors alike, join in the sea turtle release activity that is both delightful to see and unforgettable to be involved with. Children and adults both marvel at releasing, watching and taking pictures/video of the incredible, endangered species, inching their way towards establishing life out at sea. Olive Ridleys are the smallest of the sea turtle species, who generally average 100 pounds once...

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Cabo is Ready for the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament 2013

Date: 10/5/2013

Cabo San Lucas is once again gearing up for the annual October extravaganza that is the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament. The Black & Blue, though not the only tournament in town – not even the only Bisbee’s tournament in town – is by far the most important. What began as a wager among friends in 1980 with 6 teams competing for $10,000 has grown into the world’s most prestigious fishing tournament. Total prize money awarded through 2012 exceeds $60 million dollars, earning this tournament the distinguished title of World’s Richest Fishing Event. Also referred to as the Superbowl of...

News Article

First Cabo Comedy Festival Is Starting With Strong Comedians

Date: 9/17/2013

The Cabo Comedy Festival was first announced back in April, as an October 2-6 event, ''Where the Land Ends and the Laughter begins.'' And well, the laughter's about to begin as October is just right around the comedy corner. With the full support of the Mexico Board of Tourism, and the backing of many Baja California Sur movers and shakers, the event will take place at three different restaurant and bar venues in the heart of the downtown strip; Desperados, Hard Rock Cafe, and the Pink Kitty nightclub. Some of the comedy industries top headlining stars who will be in town...

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