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Fishing Report

Gordo Banks Cabo Fishing Report 23 April 2017

Date: 4/26/2017

The highlight this week was the yellowfin tuna action, fish in the 20 to 40 lb. class started to bite near Vinorama, about one mile...

Fishing Report

Pisces Cabo Fishing Report 07 April 2017

Date: 4/10/2017

Overall catch success rate, all species combined: 86% Numbers at a glance: Billfish 47%, Tuna 8%, Dorado 2%, other...

Fishing Report

Gordo Banks Cabo Fishing Report 18 March 2017

Date: 3/22/2017

Wahoo go on the Bite, Tuna Action...

Fishing Report

Gordo Banks Cabo Fishing Report 11 March 2017

Date: 3/14/2017

Tuna Slow, Mix of Structure Species...

Fishing Report

Gordo Banks Cabo Fishing Report 04 March 2017

Date: 3/6/2017

Yellowfin Tuna Action off Cabo San Lucas...

Fishing Report

Gordo Banks Pangas Cabo Fishing Report April 18th

Date: 4/20/2015

Crowds of tourists are lighter now that spring break has wound down, the visitors that are arriving to Los Cabos are enjoying great all around weather conditions, ideal climate now, scattered cloud cover, though plenty of sunshine, high temperatures around 85...

Fishing Report

Redrum Cabo Fishing Report March 15th

Date: 3/23/2015

Fishing still fair to midland, but it was better this week than previously!! And with all the Spring breakers around making everyone smile, what is not to LOVE about being in Cabo this time of year. I still think I’ve got it till I see all those 20 somethings struttin’ around...

Fishing Report

Gordo Banks Pangas Cabo Fishing Report March 13th

Date: 3/17/2015

The month of March is when transition time begins, seasonal changes are very unpredictable, some years we can see warmer conditions arrive early, that could be occurring now, as weather patterns could not be more favorable at the present time, clear sunny skies, highs in the low 80’s and light winds....

Fishing Report

Gordo Banks Pangas Cabo Fishing Report March 7th

Date: 3/9/2015

We are seeing fairly good sized crowds of tourists visiting the Los Cabos area now, though not a great percentage of these people were interested in sportfishing. So fleets were not all that busy, though with the new month arriving, we all know that spring break is just around the corner...

Fishing Report

Gordo Banks Fishing Report: May 3

Date: 5/9/2014

With pristine paradise like weather now creating the ideal climate for vacationing to the Los Cabos region, we are seeing only moderate crowds, always seem to be a slack period right after spring break and IRS Tax dead lines. It is now a great time to make the trip, time to...

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