An exclusive amenity to Quivira Residents and guests of Pueblo Bonito Resorts.

Quivira Golf Club is part of Quivira Los Cabos, a magnificent 1,850-acre master-planned luxury residential resort community, only 10 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas.


"Our team has worked with the canvas that Mother Nature has provided, to create what we hope is one of the most spectacular courses in the world."  

- Jack Nicklaus, 2014

Antonio's Favourite Hole?

“Easy! Hole 12. It’s a par 5, and the level allows you to see the whole elevation. So, you can plan your entire strategy for the hole. Play your first shot to the left. Second lay up to the right. On the third, phase your approach to the green, and on the 4th you put.”  

"Why the 12th? Because it’s very tactical. And rewards accurate boldness. It’s fair to the wise golfer who analyses his strategy for the complete 635 yard hole.”

Favourite Shot?

“The approach shot on the 7th, is perhaps one of the prettiest approach shots I have ever seen. Once you get there, you are so high, you have a very special feeling. The green seems almost suspended in air."

"Right after the back edge -  it feels like there is nothing, just an abyss. But of course, it’s not. There’s grass. It’s just designed to make you feel like that. By taking full advantage of the sand dunes on which it’s built. It’s a really great shot."

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The DNA of Quivira Los Cabos

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Quivira’s Golf Director give hints and tips on how to tackle some of its trademark holes...

Antonio Reynante Quivira

Antonio Reynante Shows Us A-round

Just so we could appreciate exactly what Nicklaus meant, we got Antonio Reynante, Golf Director at Quivira, to take us round the course.

Antonio is an ex-travelling golf pro, so we wanted to know what he loved about the course. What made it special from a technical perspective. For him, it’s two things - the constant challenge that such varied terrain brings. Plus, the wind is a huge affecting factor The wind can be brutal, especially on holes 5 to 8. Take the second shot on the 8th hole, you might need up to 4 clubs to reach the green. On a normal day, with no wind, it would just be one club. It's different every time."

“Golfers should know what to expect when they come to Quivira. It is a true links course. The aesthetic, and natural terrain make it the purest type of links course. Serious golfers will appreciate the challenges that brings", he says.

What Should Golfers Expect?

Full DNA & Desert Rule

"You need to understand the full DNA of Quivira. It’s an oceanfront course, with lots of sand dunes. You have large native areas  - argustos. You have transitional fairways. And platforms on greens. It’s NOT a neat and tidy, clean-cut course. It’s a real links course – with desert holes, dune holes and cliff holes. And you must be prepared for the huge changes in elevation."

"The next thing to be aware of is the “local desert rule”. The rugged natural terrain on this oceanfront course, means that the desert rule applies the whole way. Every single non-turf area – sand dune, cliff, or arroyo -  you can choose to play as lateral hazards. And if you do play your shot off the bushes, you can ground your club. Slightly different to the golf rules in North America."

Quivira's Trademark Holes

As well as favourites, we were keen to get a “real feel” for the course. To experience the challenges, and the variety

So, we got Antonio to take us around some of the trademark holes. And give us some tips on how to play them. Here’s what he had to say.

Firstly, the famous 5th hole...

Not surprisingly, his first choice was the famous fifth hole. A par 4, perched high on a clifftop, that hits downhill to a green on a cliff edge. A tough hole for anyone. Antonio suggests two ways to tackle this.

"From the black tee box either layup to the right-hand side, or hit 275 yards straight to green. Watch out for the drop zone, it’s about 120 yards from the middle of the green, but because of the 30 plus ft drop off, it will play about 100 yards. Now if it’s windy – say your prayers” , he laughs.

Then came the 6th hole...

"This is a mid-length, par 3 cliff hole, of 180 yards. And it’s almost always against the wind. And plays long because of this. Right handed players need to watch – any hook spin on a well struck shot is going to end in the ocean.To try and ease this, and help the pace of play, a drop area was set up, approximately 50 yards from the pin. The hole slopes towards the ocean, and you might need two more clubs here."

“Attempting to land the ball on the right-hand side of the green, makes for a perfect shot. And increases your chance of a hole in one.” 

And moving on to the fantastic approach shot at the 7th...

"This is a desert hole, with a long par 4, sloping downhill to the left. Always go to the right if it slopes down to the left” he urges, “There is a tiny bunker in the middle of the fairway. It can be carried from the tips as a zoom shot. BUT with head winds, even the strongest hitters can’t get over it.” 

He felt it was impossible not to mention the 13th...

"Another cliff hole - perhaps the prettiest on the course” he tells us “and It also had the highest number of hole in one’s  - 29 in two years! Partly due to the wind assistance of course... but who cares. A hole in one is a hole in one. People love it.”

Finally, he wanted to show us the great turf on the 15th...

"Even though it’s a desert hole, there is great turf on the 15th. If you play it in a crosswind, it tends to push the ball right. There is middle section with a waste bunker. It could be carried by a long hitter, but it’s still necessary to go to the right or the left to miss it."

"Your second shot should always be to the right-hand-side, to protect you from landing in the waste land on the left. That then leads you to face another stunning chip shot straight into the green on the desert. With the typical cardons of the Baja in the background - perfect scenery."

Last Words of Advice...

On our return to the clubhouse, we pressed him for some final advice

“Well finally, I would say - that after going through these holes, you pretty much have the full DNA of Quivira” - he laughs ."The best thing you can do is come down and play it yourself. I think we have managed to create one of the best oceanfront courses in the world. You’re gonna love it!

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