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More shootings in Cabo

Date Published:

Shootings on Palmilla beach send shockwaves through Los Cabos...

Worryingly, a wave of violence swept through Los Cabos this weekend with 9 deaths reported between Friday and Sunday afternoon.

The increase in drug related deaths in recent months is not new. It has been well publicised everywhere. The majority of incidents have not occurred near the tourist areas. And in some ways, people are almost becoming slightly immune to news of "yet another drug death".

However the BIG difference this time, is that 3 of these shootings were at point blank range on Palmilla beach. On a busy Sunday afternoon, with the beach full of families and bathers…. And everyone is reeling from the shock.

The incident is presumed to be drug related but this has still NOT been confirmed.

A quote from Cabo Tourist Board today read:

“The Los Cabos Tourism Board is aware of an incident that occurred on the public beach of Palmilla on the afternoon of Sunday, August 6. While local authorities continue to investigate the matter, we can confirm that no visitors were harmed and that the police took immediate action to protect the public. Authorities are working together to ensure that visitors and residents of Los Cabos remain safe.”

How Safe Is Cabo For Tourists?

Our Safety page has the current stats and facts...

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