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Redrum Cabo Fishing Report September 6th

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As summer vacation time winds down we saw another lull in this weeks charters.  Not to worry though, looking ahead for the month of September we already have over 150 bookings!  We are excited about this month as the action is going to start picking up and hopefully the fishing will follow suit!

Our two 28′ boats headed out on the last day of August.  TantRum edged out ReelRum by bringing in a Sailfish with Mark McClary as he went out solo with Juan and Humberto!  Omar and Oscar were the shining stars on Tuesday as they headed up the Pacific side with Randy Slaton and his party.  The group was interested in getting some “fish to eat” so Omar had a pretty good idea about where to take them.  RedRum has had a streak of finding fish near Los Arcos about 10 miles up the coast.  The streak continued as the boys worked to Catch and Release 2 Sailfish, bagged 4 Yellowfin, 1 Wahoo and 1 Dorado!  Great day!  TantRum headed the opposite direction and fished the Sea of Cortez side with Jason King and Caught and Released a Striped Marlin.

El Nuevo and 19′s Toy pulled out of the marina leaving the rest of the fleet behind for the day.  Our buddies Keith Spencer and Matt D’Aurelio scheduled a couple of days with us this week.  Their first day was with Alex and Charly on El Nuevo and they wrestled 2 nice sized Dorado to the boat!  On their second day they fished with Omar and Oscar and caught a 50# class Wahoo along with 2 more Dorado.  Great job guys!  Nice meeting you both, come back and see is! Our local amigo and golfing master Jason Ballog sent a group of his hometown friends to fish with Gaba and 19′s Toy and after a long day of chasing fish with no luck they got a late bite!  Dan, Michael, Angela, John, Derek and Tom had a “4th quarter” hook-up with a Marlin for a Catch and Release as well as a Yellowfin Tuna for the boat!

The town seemed to have cleared out mid week as TantRum was the lone boat to fish on Thursday.  The Mr. and Mrs. Winkleman fished the first of their 2 days with us catching a Wahoo and limiting out on Dorado!  Great day 1! Day 2 they Caught and Released a Marlin aboard ReelRum with Ramon and Julian!

Friday brought a whole lot more excitement on the docks as all the boats headed out!  The boys were excited to get back out as a complete team!  The Straford party fished with Juan and Humberto on TantRum and caught and released a Sailfish, Ramon had a good day with solo angler, Mr. Sandip Valbh fishing ReelRum.  First Mate Julian was able to help him get a 106″ Striped Marlin to the boat for a Catch and Release and stuck a nice 40# class Wahoo as well!  Omar and Oscar were at it again with another large Wahoo and 2 Dorado.  Alex followed suit with a pair of his own Wahoo while fishing with our McAllen, TX buddies Vannie Collins and his group on El Nuevo.  Captain Gaba caught a nice Yellowfin with Alex, David, Cody and Justin Graham on the first of their 2 days aboard 19′s Toy.  They followed up with a Wahoo and a Dorado on their second outing!  Adam Sinn booked a last second charter from the pool at his hotel and was glad he did!  He fished with Captain Julio on Sniper and was able to Catch and Release a Striped Marlin while boating a Yellowfin and a Dorado for a sushi treat!

Things stayed pretty active on Saturday as ReelRum Caught and Released a Striped Marli early, Omar and Oscar added 2 more nice sized Dorado with our good friends Randy and Denise Wren.  The Wrens have fished with Oscar and Omar for quite some time aboard RedRum and are always awesome to be around!  I’m not sure who gets more excited about fishing together, Oscar and Omar or Randy and Denise!  Following that we had the Jesus/Jesus combo aboard RumRunnin team up with the Goodhart Party to Catch and Release a  Sailfish, bag a Yellowfin and get locked into a few Skipjacks on their half-day charter! Vannie Collins and his group headed out for their 2nd day on El Nuevo and instead of a couple of Wahoo like their 1st day, they caught a few nice Mahi-Mahi!  The Graham boys fished their 2nd day with Captain Gaba and Noe and caught a nice Wahoo as well as a Mahi-Mahi.  Jim Rampton fished with Captain Julio on Sniper and added another 2 Mahi-Mahi to this weeks tally!

The weekend ended with couple of Blue Marlin caught which was nice as we hadn’t seen any this week!  Both Blues were caught by David Johnson and Co.  The group chartered Colleens Magic and Adrenaline and both groups (11 anglers total) caught a Blue Marlin!  Guess you can call that one a tie! Our buddy Ford Butler from Texas fished with Jesus/Jesus on RumRunnin and caught 1 Dorado, a few SkipJack, 1 Striped Marlin that they released and they brought up a Wahoo head!  Yep, just the head!  As Ford was fighting the fish he felt an “awkward tug” on the line.  That tug turned out to be a Sea Lion that decided it was time for a mid-day snack!  Unfortunately the fish got away but it calls for a great story!  Curtis Ault fished a half-day on ReelRum with Captain Omar and Mate Julian.  They were able to Catch and Release a Striped Marlin on their 5 hour excursion.  Denise and Randy Wren fished their 2nd day with their buddies Omar and Oscar on RedRum and caught 3 nice sized Yellowfin ranging in the 25-40# class.  Kept them busy! The Pacheco party fished the first of their 2 days with us and headed out with Captain Gaba on 19′s Toy.  Mate Noe did his work helping them catch 2 Wahoo, 1 Mahi-Mahi and Catching and Releasing a Sailfish!

As you can see the is slowly picking up!  With the Wahoo, Dorado and Tuna numbers increasing we can hope it carries through our busy month!  The next few months are some of the most exciting months down here at RedRum as we continue to see the fishing increase, tournaments coming into town and lots of fish being caught!  Don’t let someone else catch your fish of a lifetime!!

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