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Redrum Cabo Fishing Report October 10th

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This weeks report comes after a crazy week at RedRum!  We have nearly a 100% full calendar for the rest of the month and our Team RedRum’s focus has been stronger than ever.  Our crews are working hard to keep up with the daily demands both physically and mentally and our office staff has been putting in extra work to keep our anglers satisfied and well taken care of!  

Just like last week, TantRum opens up this weeks report with the Catch of the Day!  Len and Lisa Penner fished along with Captain Juan and Mate Humberto and worked 9 Yellowfin Tuna to the boat!  4 of the YFT were over 30 lbs.!  Great job guys!  Our 31′ RedRum caught a nice Dorado with the Hubbard group while the Beachums aboard El Nuevo Caught & Released a 300# class Blue Marlin, a 4.5′ Wahoo and a Yellowfin Tuna! 19′s Toy led by Captain Gaba landed a Sailfish, missed another and caught 4 Bonita on their charter with the Finn’s to wrap up the day!

TopGun started off their week on the right note by Catching and Releasing a Striped Marlin, bringing in 2 Yellowfin and a Wahoo with the Hunter Group!  The Finn’s fished their 2nd day with Gaba on 19′s Toy and brought in another trio of Tuna while the Beachums fished their 2nd day with us, this time aboard Rum Runnin and catching a Dorado and Releasing a Striped Marlin.  Ken, Matthew and Katherine Yates fished their 2nd day with us; this time on TantRum.  This go-’round they Caught and Released 2 Marlin and landed 3 Yellowfin.  Robert and Denece Ward fished with Captain Ulysses and mate Julian on ReelRum and boated a Yellowfin and Caught and Released a Striped Marlin @ 104″.  Captain Alex and First Mate Charly fished with the Kovaleff Party and landed 2 Yellowfin Tuna while also Catching and Releasing a Striped Marlin to end the day!

The following day TopGun and Captain Jorge Caught and Released a Striped Marlin as well as a Pacific Sailfish with the Snider Group. Gaba followed up with an additional Caught and Released Striped Marlin plus 3 more Yellowfin with the Finn’s last day on 19′s Toy.  El Nuevo won a phenomenal battle against a 175# class Yellowfin Tuna as well 3 smaller ones in the 30# range.  Jesus/Jesus on RumRunnin Caught and Released a Striped Marlin with the Wilson party while Omar and Oscar caught a Yellowfin with the Brown and The Willie Group boated 3 Yellowfin aboard ReelRum with Captain Ramon and Mate Julian.

On Wednesday The Kovaleff’s Caught & Released 3 Striped Marlin and boated a pair of Dorados.  The Kezars Caught and Released another pair of Striped Marlin.  The Broom’s, our good buddies from South Texas (SPI – Tom & Jerry’s)  caught 4 Yellowfin Tuna, hope you guys share!!  The Hamilton’s Caught & Released a Blue Marlin and boated a pair of Yellowfin.  Our CCA – Brenham Associates, Billy Hromas and his group headed out with El Nuevo on their first day and Caught and Released a 10′ Striped Marlin landed 2 Wahoo and added a Dorado on their first day with Alex and Charly.  Top Gun and Sniper ended their days with a Striped Marlin; Caught & Released.  Top Gun with the Clark Group and Sniper with Tim Walsh and his party.

Thursday was a 10 boat day at RedRum!  We had all of our boats head out as well as our partner boats; Top Gun, Peleador, Never Give Up and Adrenaline!  All 48 anglers showed up in the morning looking for that special catch!  Most of them had luck, a few were a little less active and unfortunately came up empty handed.  The Willie’s fished on ReelRum again and had a great day Catching & Releasing 3 Striped Marlin and boating a Dorado.  Our “grupo mas loco” of the day; the Dolan Party, fished aboard RedRum on their 1st Day with Omar and Oscar and Caught & Released a Sailfish and a Striped Marlin. RumRunnin and the other “grupo de locos” (the Garafanos) Caught & Released a Striped Marlin grabbed a pair of Dorado for dinner.  My good buddy, Travis French visited Cabo with his wife and in-laws and on their day aboard El Nuevo they were able to Catch and Release 4 Stripe Marlin.  Travis landed the biggest one of the day @ 104″ and it our FEATURED PICTURE OF THE WEEK!  It was great seeing you guys!!  The Dearnley’s aboard Top Gun Caught and Released a pair of Striped Marlin and a Sailfish, had 3 more “bat-downs” and caught a female Dorado for dinner!  Lastly, Adrenaline and the Gasper Group Caught & Released a Striped Marlin!

TGIFF (Thank God for a Fishing Friday):  The Kovaleff fished the last of their last day with Captain Juan and Humberto on TantRum.  They brought in 3 more Yellowfin including 1 that was well over the 45# class range.  Captain Ramon headed up to San Jaime, got onto a school of Tuna and boated half a dozen Yellowfin for the Gardiner Party.  The Dolans and the Garafanos (The Locos) combined for 5 Caught and Released Marlin and 2 Sharks released.  Keith Fell caught a Tuna with Alex and Charly on El Nuevo and John Hurta Caught and Released a Striped Marlin as well as a Wahoo!  Thank you Captain Jorge for hooking the office up with a little piece of that ‘Ono!!!

It rained all day Saturday for the 2nd week in a row! Luckily the rain has not been coming with a lot of wind or much other movement.  The boys and anglers are came back soaked but all smiles!  TantRum and the Salcedas Caught & Released a Striped Marlin, the Gardiners fished with Captain Ramon and did the same (130 lb Striped Marlin)!  Los Locos (Dolan and Garafanos) fished their last day with RedRum and RumRunnin and caught a total of 5 Yellowfin!  It was great having you guys down, we look forward to spending some more good times with you guys next year or sooner!  The Rheinhardt Party added 4 Yellowfin and a Caught and Released Striped Marlin while fishing on 19′s Toy and Adrenaline and the 28′ Californian Peleador rounded the week off with an amazing 5 Caught and Released Striped Marlin and 1 Sailfish Dale Prosperie and his buddies Sterling and Craig! Great way to end the week!!

With some of the worlds largest offshore tournaments held in Cabo just coming right around the corner the intensity and energy down here is really picking up!  I know it seems like I say that on each report but the electricity around our marina and boats right now is awesome!  Keep an eye out for all of the RedRum Teams participating in the upcoming Tournaments:

1.) Los Cabos Billfish Tournament (October 14th – 16th)

2.) Bisbees Offshore (Oct. 17th & 18th)

3.) Bisbees Black & Blue (Oct. 21 – 23rd)

We will be posting and updating on Facebook as well as our Instagram pages @RedRumCabo_Crew or @RedRumSportfishing.  If you don’t or haven’t started following us get on it!!!

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