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Redrum Cabo Fishing Report March 22nd

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The fishing has remained about the same with water temps hovering around 71 -73 degrees. Some warmer spots can be found further, but the temps are not consistent day to day.

Monday was a super slow day as we only had a couple boats fishing. El Nuevo RedRum with Jim Burkhardts clan caught a Skipjack. Our 54′ Navigator took out a group and they released a Striped Marlin. Bart Wilson and his group chartered 2 of our boats and had some luck on El Nuevo releasing a Striped Marlin, RumRunnin, nada…. Brian Peters and his group suffered the same fate on our 35′ Cabos as did Tantrum….. Ok, enough bad news! Wednesday perked up a little for our anglers! Daniel Carter on RumRunnin with the Jesus’s got into the Malrin and found 2 hungry enough to take the bait! He released them both to fight another day!Chris Calvert on Tantrum caught a Dorado and some SkipJack as did Manuel Estrada and crew that fished abord ReelRum.

Thursday was another hit or miss kind of day with a couple of our boats having no luck where Jim Meyer and his family on RedRum caught a few Spanish Mackerel, a Dorado and a Striped Marlin. Karen McFerren and her group released a Marlin and Friday they caught a Dorado. Garner Gonzales and his huge group of buddies fished on the 54′ Navigator with Cappy Jose and caught 2 Dorado and released a Striped Marlin. Buddy Joe Assenza and wife Karen were down fishing for their usual 3 days on 3 different boats. Joe celebrated his birthday, Happy birthday JOE!!!!, and we were glad he did it with us, Cabo Style!! He caught a Marlin which he released on day one on El Nuevo, day 2 caught a ton of Spanish Mackerel on RedRum and day 3 got a little “salado” on 19′s Toy catching a couple of SkipJack. See you in October Joe & Karen :) I missed writing down 3 of Fridays boats, so not sure if that was good or bad! BUT, Travis and Amanda Feld had a great day on Tantrum catching 2 Striped Marlin. Greg Bacino came back down with his beautiful girlfriend – well, that is fiance now! They were slotted to fish 2 days but after coming back early on day one with only a Spanish Mackerel and seasickness, they opted out of day 2. They will definitely get some “Scopalimine” patches before they are back next time – maybe after they tie the knot – congrats you too!! Saturday and Sunday were both rough days out there as 1/2 the boats returned early on Saturday. Jeffery Lambert and crew fished for 2 days on El Nuevo while staying in our Condos. They caught some Spanish Mackerel on day one, day 2 not so lucky. Our other boats caught some Spanish Mackerel and the boat of the day was Never Give up – they got extremely lucky and released 2 Striped Marlin. Shaughn Sutton and his crew were glad they opted for a full day as opposed to the 1/2! Sunday David Carney and his buddy Eric boated a few Spanish Mackerel.

I believe it is only a matter of time before the fishing heats back up and we are filling up coolers! Besides that, who wouldn’t want to be here, if just for our view everyday.
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