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Redrum Cabo Fishing Report June 21st

Date Published:

The week for RedRum crews started just about the same as last week; keeping an eye on yet another hurricane. Carlos raised our eye a little this week but fortunately we stayed out of his path and we were able to have another week of great weather!

Monday June 15th:

Our long time buddy Mark Buchanan came down to fish with us again along with his buddy Mateo Saffron. He fished with TioPato on RumRunnin and were able to bring in a nice Marlin to the boat!

Waylon Maynard and his group from Fort Worth weren’t so lucky on Adrenaline, although they were able to spot several Marlin and pitch live bite to them the fish just weren’t cooperating the way we like them too! Good action but no suerte, next time!

Captain Alex took out the Messer group on El Nuevo and was able to hook each angler into a fish! Jeanie Messer caught dinner for the group after the boys hooked into a nice Dorado! The rest of the group; Ryan, Pat, and Callie M. each caught and released a Stripe Marlin on their trip as well! We had their catch delivered to Misiones De Kino where the group enjoyed their fresh fish and refreshing cocktails!! Great job guys!!

Texas native Captain Luis Zumaeta brought another group down to fish on 19’s Toy for a couple of days this week. The first group he took out Sunday was able to catch and release a nice Stripe Marlin as well as smaller Bonita fish. Mondays group upped the action a little more after catching and releasing 2 Stripe Marlin and finding a school of Dorado which they were able to bring several back for dinner! It’s great to have Captain Luis down here from San Antonio and we look forward to seeing him again soon. Tournament time isn’t too far away, gotta get your practice in while you can!!! See you soon amigo!

Captain Omar and Mate Oscar fished with Steve Shipley, Andrew Wright and Mike Patterson on Monday and got the boys busy with 2 Marlin.

One of the more impressive catches of the day came off of ReelRum with captain Ramon who has had the hot hand lately! By 8:00am Michael Viars and Morgan Nicholson had already hooked into a Stripe Marlin that put up a nice fight for the 2 of them. The more amazing catch with a 54” Bull Dorado that they caught shortly after! Congrats on such a great fish!!

Tuesday June 16th:

Blake and Misty Maddux along with their friends Eric and Kim Richter headed out on ReelRum for their 2nd trip of their stay down in Cabo. As they were walking out the door in the morning Misty mentioned to us that she really wanted to catch a big tuna. Now, either captain Ramon had something up his sleeve or thefish gods must have really been on her side because low and behold their group was able to hook into not only a big tuna but 2 big Yellowfin tuna! The first one they brought into the boat after the double hook up was about 90 lb. That 90 pounder had a big brother that put up a little more of a fight, coming in at 202 lbs on the scales!! What a feat! We are glad everything worked out and that your special order of a big tuna was met!! Congrats on a great couple of days fishing with RedRum!

RumRunnin hosted Donald Senter and his group made up of James & Jesse Patterson and Sam Brashears from Dallas. They were able to end their day with 1 Stripe Marlin! Kevin Adams and his group fished aboard Never Give Up and while looking for tuna ended with 4 SkipJack. Kris Karstens and their team fished on 19’s Toy for the day. They were able to catch and release a Stripe Marlin as well as bag a Dorado to round out their adventure with Captain Gaba.

Hunter Foret fished with Omar and Oscar on RedRum and were able to catch and release a Stripe Marlin!

Tommy Holmes was back for more action after he and his wife Sarah fished on Sniper earlier last week. Mr. Holmes hit the water solo this time looking to get some inshore action with Panga Captain Felipe. The two (now amigos) had plenty of action as Felipe kept him busy hooking him into 11 Jack Crevalle and 2 Roosterfish. The two even had to head in for more bait and a few cervezas!! Great seeing you down here, let’s make it happen again sometime soon!!

Wednesday June 17th:

We could not have been more thrilled to be lucky to hose the SABRE group that joined us today! The group hosted a corporate event bringing in awesome folks from all over the states. We were glad to be a part of their week and while the fishing wasn’t “lights out” most teams were able to bring in at least 1 Stripe Marlin during their half-day outings. Keep up the great work and come back and see us!! Along with 6 boats that the Sabre group took out the rest of the boats and boys were just as busy!

Single Stripe Marlin seemed to be “par for the course” today on the water! While we are always trying to out fish everyone else the crews worked their tails off to get people on fish on some conditions that weren’t the most pleasant!

Of course Ramon on ReelRum was back at it again catching 3 Stripe Marlin with Phillip &Lianne Pearson. Our new friend Craig Carrell took his amigos Drew and Kyle out for a trip on RedRum and the boys managed to Catch and Release 1 Stripe Marlin! Scott and Jacob Tamkin joined the Marlin release party aboard Rum Runnin!!

Thursday June 18th:

Jason Bloomberg brought down his group of 9 to fish aboard Top Gun and Tantrum. There were several Marlin spotted in the water and each of the boats managed to Catch and Release 1 Stripe Marlin each. The fish were finicky and the crews threw everything but the kitchen sink at them!! Mario Martinez and Dave Daughtry tested their luck on RedRum and were glad that they did. The gentlemen opted to spend their trup inshore looking for Roosterfish. They were able to get on a pair of Rooster and added 2 Jack Crevalle and a Dorado to their bag for the day!

Meanwhile Doug McRae from Corpus Christi and his group had their first of two days fishing with us and landed a Dorado aboard Sniper!!

The Townes/Porter party scheduled 3 day back to back charters with RedRum starting today on ReelRum. The guys caught and released a stripe Marlin, a Jack Crevalle, 1 shark and 1 roosterfish! A little bit of action for everyone!

Friday June 19th:

The inshore bite stayed consistent throughout the week, as most of our clients that targeted inshore fish were not disappointed. This went without saying for Brian, Margaret, Kyle and Andrew Woolley who fished on TanTrum. The Jack Crevalleare definitely in the area and are big!! The Woolleys hooked into 5 of the monsters and were also able to boat a nice Dorado! Keeping with the inshore fishing was Alyson Abraham and her group on RumRunnin. They matched Tantrums 5 Jack Crevalle and 1 Dorado bag and even added a Sting Ray to their adventure.

Did I mention Jack Crevalles are going off right now! Stephanie Abraham can also attest after catching 4 of them along with Mate Oscar on RedRum. They also fought a Pilot Shark!!

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