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Pisces Cabo Fishing Report 10th June

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Gene Mirow, Vitaly Goren, Rob Kovel, Ross Lekhtrots, and Dimitry Mazisyah from L.A. fished on 31ft Pisces “Tiburon” vessel.

BILLFISH: Another steady week for Billfish, fishing has been located over the Sea of Cortes between 22 to 27 miles offshore at the 11.50 which has been the Hot Spot for the last two weeks; Yellow fin tuna has been located over the Pacific along with some good inshore catches. Pisces 32ft “Bill Collector” released two Striped Marlin at the 11.50 spot for Brett & Devon Harte, Brett & Aaron Simpson ad Paul Arutt visiting from Texas. Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann” managed to release two Striped marlins for Creighton´s Lawhead, this time visiting with his good friend Jim Bolley from Carlsbad, California. Captain Ricardo Escamilla skipper of Pisces 42ft “Yahoo” released a marlin with live bait for the Vgine, Schwenke and Ellis group from Humble, Texas. Pisces 31ft “La Brisa” did well releasing four Striped marlins estimated weight 120 to 150 pounds for Jeff Wobia and Thomas Pitterle from Paoniua, Colorado. Pisces 38ft “Speedwell” released another two Striped marlins, ten tunas and one Dorado in Cabeza de Ballena for Scotty Edwards, Dustin Belt, Toby Melius, Brian Seay and Chris and Calabe Huntley from Oregon. Pisces 28ft “Adriana” released a Striped marlin for Chris Johns and Randy Jackson using live bait, the group was visiting from Temecula, California. Pisces 31ft “Ruthless” managed to release three Striped marlins at the 11.50 spot for the Wiens´s group visiting from San Jose, California. Pisces 31ft “Cabolero” did its magic too three miles from the Hill releasing a Striped marlin for Kappas, Beech, Johnson, Gabaldon and Burns group from Pescadero local town close to Todos Santos. Pisces 31ft “Rebecca” gave the fight to Steve, Andrea and Abbie Seay each one fought a Striped Marlin, Good Job! Pisces 35ft “Knot Working” released at Striped Marlin for Walden Shelton and friends visiting from Houston, Texas estimated weight 150lb. Pisces 31ft “La Brisa” release a Striped marlin, a shark and yellow fin tuna for Floyd Duval group from Texas again! 59% of Pisces anglers released a total of 83 Striped Marlins.

OTHER SPECIES: Yellow fin tuna and dorado catches has produced good action by Pisces Anglers: Pisces 31ft “Tiburon” found seven Tunas with cedar plugs, and two Dorados for Gene Mirow, Vitaly Goren, Rob Kovel, Ross Lekhtrots and Dimitry Mazishay visiting from Los Angeles, Ca. Pisces “Adriana” ran out to la Herradura and reeled four Tunas (10-15lbs.) for Douglas and Donald Beckman from Nebraska. Pisces 42ft “Hot Rod” went twelve miles over the Hill and reeled three Tunas and a nice 30lb. Wahoo for Brian Burkhardt from Texas. Pisces 55ft “Flora T” got a Yellow fin tuna and Skip Jacks at Cabeza de Ballena for Gerold´s and Noone´s family visiting from Texas. Pisces 25ft Panga “Poseidon” released eleven Roosters from 10 to 40 lbs. and one Amberjack in Solmar area for Phillip McCall and Charles Robert Simpson. Pisces 27ft Panga “Tres Amigos” reeled two Jack Crevelles (10-15lbs.) one Dorado and a Shark (80 lb.) at the Old light house for our good friend Allan Sterling visiting from Scotland. Pisces 31ft “Ruthless” ran to Migriño for eight Ladyfish, two Babosas and six Rojos for David Leslie´s group from Palos Verdes, California. We need to mention that there are lots of Sharks: Hammerhead, Brown, Pilot and Thresher sharks with lots of releases and guaranteed action. 48% of Pisces Anglers brought 85 Tunas baby ones were released, 18 Dorados, 1 Wahoo; small fish such as Needlefish, Amber Jacks, and Roosters were released along with all the sharks that are off-season for a few months.

LOCATION: 11.50 Spot, Herradura, Solmar, Old light house and outside of the Hill

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny, windy over the Sea of Cortes, cool at night and early mornings


BEST LURES: Live bait: Caballito

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