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Jen Wren Cabo Fishing Report 30 July 2017

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East Cape - Full summer mug

It is not even August yet and the Eastern Pacific has already experienced nine named tropical storms.  Looks like it could be a stormy season.  It certainly feels like it. 

Water temp in the Sea of Cortez has reached 85-86 degrees.  I don't believe air temp has been much over 90 degrees but it feels like the humidity could be cut with a knife.  We have not been anywhere near the path of any of the storms so far.  We had been skating by with pretty comfortable weather until Hurricane Hilary formed last week.  Seas have remained calm but now it is air conditioning city around here.  We are in the full summer mug.

Fishing has been very consistent with billfish, tuna, wahoo, dorado  and roosterfish pleasing anglers.  The game has somewhat changed from previous years because our bait source has shifted.  Sardines are absent again this year and anglers have taken to chucking humbolt squid.  The method has been very effective for tuna and dorado.  Ballyhoo has been most effective for billfish and wahoo and horilitos have been the roosters favorite. Chili-willies have been in short supply but working well when available.

The three day East Cape Bisbee will commence this Wednesday.  Over the last few weeks blue marlin have made a strong showing so it should be a good tournament.  Personally I have been in the wrong place at the right time and have yet to see a blue marlin.  That is okay though, just like to hang one next week when it counts.

Another sign that summer is here has been sea turtles nesting up and down East Cape beaches.  Also, typically when the water warms as it has small man-o-war arrive but it doesn't hurt my feelings that I haven't seen any.

Spending extra time preparing Jen Wren III and Vaquera for the tournament and having a few mechanical issues has put me behind in photos.  Posted are a few from the last couple of weeks

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