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Jen Wren Cabo Fishing Report 16 July 2017

Date Published:

Yesterday the East Cape Dorado Shoot Out was held. 

With a new pickup truck up for grabs and several side pots it is the most attended tournament on the East Cape with somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 boats every year.  

Although well attended the last couple years have been very disappointing with a 12 lb. fish taking all the marbles.  This year our fishery has rebounded and it was my prediction it would take forty pounds to win.  Boy, was I wrong.

About one o'clock in the afternoon word came out on the VHF that boat Amante had weighed a 51 lb. fish.  A few minutes later Arturo Sylva called on the VHF to compare notes as we passed each other trolling in different directions.  We both agreed there was still time and we just needed to stay after it.  The conversation wasn't over when I could hear him shout dorado!  A moment later I could see the eruption behind his boat.  The dorado was huge so I started to circle around in hope that there would be more.  After a short battle they boated the fish and headed for the scale.  Arturo said he thought his fish was about 45 lbs but it looked considerably larger to me.   Later word came out on the VHF his fish was 57.3.  I was pretty sure they iced it and very happy for a good friend.  Just when I thought I had seen it all word came out that Lucio Sylva,  Arturo's cousin, who was fishing the same area weighed a fish 61 lbs.

We fished out the day releasing 2 striped marin, a small dorado in the fish box and a close encounter with a wahoo.  No fish to weigh it was still fun to be where the action was and watch it all come down.  It wasn't our turn and our ticket didn't get pulled this time. We will be there for the EC Bisbee in two weeks. You can bet we will have our game face on.

Thought I'd seen it all

Organized chaos

Just when I thought I'd seen it all.

Difficult situation, blue marlin with no snout to grab. Don't want to lose my Halco Laser pro 190.

Walking the beach this morning. Just when I thought I'd seen it all.

Just when I thought I have seen it all. Some drunk moron with no boat edict drops anchor between 2 of our boats. Like the ocean is not big enough.

Don't stick your hand in there.

Roosters still pleasing anglers taking the time to look for them.

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