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Jen Wren Cabo Fishing Report 13 August 2017

Date Published:

East Cape - Mid summer blues

The 18th annual East Cape Bisbee has been and gone.  Almost everything that can be said has but I'm going to weigh in with my take on this years event.

It was by far the most action packed and exciting tournament in the East Cape's history.  This was the first year qualifying marlin over 300lbs were brought to the scale everyday, the first time a fish 430lbs wasn't big enough to win the daily and also the first time a daily didn't roll at least one day.

Game fish jackpot was also very competitive with several qualifying yellowfin each day.  Jen Wren III got extremely lucky weighing the second largest dorado of the event.  Lucky because the boat with the largest was not entered in the gamefish pot which allowed Team Jones Fish to cash a check for $45,900.  Jones is no stranger to cashing checks finishing 3rd on Vaquera in a field of 186 teams last November at the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot.  The Bisbee's split the prize money and wrote checks to more different teams than ever before.  Congrats to my friends Andrew, David, Martha, Arturo, Theresa and Alex for all doing a great job.   Looks like we mostly kept it in the family.

So... why was this such an action packed event?  Because East Cape is experiencing the best fishing in many years.  It has been nothing but smiles.  No more anglers returning frustrated or with long faces.  No more blaming the moon phase, the tide, the bait, the off color water or any other lame excuse that can be dreamed up.  It has just been solid fishing all season.

Now it is midsummer and our weather continues to be outstanding.  Humidity is up with Tropical Depression Jova passing by a couple hundred miles south of Cabo San Lucas.  It is breezy today but so far there has not been one day this season weather has kept us off the water.

Midsummer blues on the bite

Tom Hughes, Team Jones Fish with a winner

Tournaments are fun, the winners circle is more fun

Gary Graham captured this great shotgun start image. I think that is us third from the right.

Meanwhile, before and after the tournament and still going on, quality tuna are cooperating.

Nice sized tuna are a bit line shy and our Accurate Valiants are punishing them

Wahoo in the hood. Win a VW on August 26th we are available for a last minute entry.

Now the tournament is over and the blues won't leave us alone

Sam and Zane ready for sashimi.

Author: Mark Rayor

US cell 310 308 5841

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