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JC Sportfishing 26 Nov - 09 Dec 2012

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26 November 2012, 16:51 WATER: The water has stayed pretty much the same as its been for the last month. 80 to 83 degress has been the normal over the last few weeks. We have seen lots of nice clean blue water making for good fishing since out last storm about a month ago. The water temps have been about the same temperatures even if you head over to the East Cape. WEATHER: Still the weather for this time of year is pretty warm and hasn’t changed much yet. In all my years of being here in Cabo by now should have changed for being a little cooler than it is. We still are having some days that are partially overcast in the morning to miday and later it seems to be clear. It has really been very nice over the last 2 weeks it just hasn’t cooled down like it normally is this time of year. BILLFISHING: Well lots of Striped Marlin being caught over the last few days with the last 2 days being really productive. Marlin are feeding up at the Light House and we are catching them by pitching live bait in the mornings and evenings. During the day we are drift fishing with a 3 ounce sinker drifting live bait. With the water still being so nice Blue Marlin are still in the area. The pacific side was where some action was seen for Blues. A couple caught in the 250 to 300 pound range reported. Some of the Pangas have even gotton in on the action for Marlin up and around the Light House. Really to sum things up, its been pretty good Marlin fishing over the last week. It might have slowed a bit but all in all its been good. BAIT: Bait is the standard 3.00 dollares a piece and there has been plenty around. TUNA: The Tuna fishing has slowed big time compared to what it was around the time of the Tuna tournament. Even last week there were some good size Tuna caught but this week I haven’t heard of much being caught. The only reports I have heard of was a few football size Tunas being caught chumming live bait. DORADO: The Dorado are hitting Rapalas, deep divers and black and purple hoochies. The Dorado are everywhere and seemed to really show up over the last 2 days. Most of the Dorado action is from Grey Rock all the way up the Pacific to Los Arcos. They are hitting about anything we throw at them. Look for floating debris in the water or Birds and you will run into Dorado. INSHORE. Well the Dorado fishing close to shore in Pangas has been good and some Roosterfish have been caught also. Some Grouper and Red Snapper have been caught inshore in 30 to 50 feet of water using cut bait on a rocky bottom. The Groupers like the boulders and the Snappers like to hide in them also. This way they can dart out for live bait. WAHOO: The Wahoo fishing has been off and on over the last week as reports of Wahoo were coming in from the Gordo Banks to Punta Gorda. Trolling has been the best method to catch the Wahoo. It has been hit and miss for Wahoo over the last week. 03 December 2012, 0:04 WATER: The water is unusually warmer now it should have changed a few degrees by now and started to drop. Water temperatures are still in the low 80,s from Gordo Banks to the Golden Gate. Normally water should be 73 to 76 degrees. The warmer water has made for some good fishing with the Dorado wide open and Blue and Black Marlin in the area as we speak. Sailfish have also been hanging around in the warm water. WEATHER: The weather has been really good over the last week. Highs in the mid 80,s and lows like 65 to 70 degrees. Light breeze in the afternoons has made for really calm seas and excellent fishing.The weather really ought to be a little cooler this time of year but it hasn’t set in yet. Mostly clear about every day except a little overcast once in a while but really good weather. If you want to come to Cabo this is a good time as the weather is good and fishing is excellent. The first couple weeks of December are always a slow time in Cabo, as people are getting ready for Christmas and Holidays. Good time to come you can find some deals on fishing and any other activity you like. BILLFISHING: Well the Striped Marlin fishing has been pretty spectacular as of lately. Lots of boats even reporting 2 to 3 marlin a boat. The Marlin have been feeding on the surface in the mornings and evenings. They are being caught by pitching live bait and some on lures. In the middle of the day we have been drifting live bait with some success., Lots of Marlin being caught from Grey Rock all the way up to the Finger Bank. The areas of San Cristobal and the Golden Gate has been good as well this week. The Blue Marlin have stayed in the picture since the water is still warm and there have been reports of Blues in the 300 to 400 pound range. A couple Black Marlin up near the 400 pound range also reported. There has also been quite a few Sailfish being caught cause of the warm water in the area. BAIT: Bait is the standard 3.00 dollares a piece and there has been plenty around. TUNA: The Tuna fishing has been hit or miss over the last week. The Gordo Banks area did produce some in the 100 pound range. Anything else I have heard is some occasional football size Tuna being caught but nothing to really brag about. The bigger Tuna at the Gordo Banks were caught by slow trolling live baits and drift chunking. DORADO: Dorado fishing has been really insane just wide open. Really all the Dorado you want, and if that isn’t good, heres another thing , you can catch them about anywhere in our local fishing grounds. The fish are being caught on cut bait, live bait and lures. The best action being seen is from the Arch to the Light House. The Pangas have gotton in on the action with lots of Dorados . Some of the best areas have been on the Pacific side from Arch to San Cristobal. Most of the Dorado are 10 to 15 pounds with some going as high as 30 to 35 pounds. Lots of boats are getting there limit quickly and the limit is 2 fish per person. INSHORE. Surf fishing for Roosterfish has produced a few but really nothing in great numbers. The Pangas have been scoring good for Dorado and even Sailfish in close. The Pacific side is where the action is, really the best place for surf fishing or fishing in general close to shore. Local guys have been killing the Grouper and Red Snappers in the rocks on the Pacific side in about 50 to 60 feet of water. These guys are using hand lines and sell to the local restaurants in town.

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