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JC Sportfishing Cabo Weekly Fish Report.14th June

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WEATHER: Still off and on wind in the afternoons and that wind has blown in some cool water lowering water temperatures on the Pacific side. It has been pretty darn good over the last week with most days in the mid 90,s and lows in the 60,s at night. We can’t get much better than that really. Not a lot of wind just a little breeze in the afternoons, but as far as fishing goes, it has been some pretty smooth seas making it a nice ride when out sport fishing.


WATER: On average the temperatures have been in the mid to low 70,s a little above average than normal. It should be cooler right now, but this year has been weird all year. Of course up inside of the Sea of Cortez is always much warmer than we have in Cabo as sometimes it’s a whole different ball game down there as far as species being caught. The clash of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez here in Cabo makes for a much different chain of events as far a fishing goes.

BILLFISH: Most of the Marlin action has moved a bit towards San Jose and the Eastcape areas. It looks as if they are looking for the warmer water since the water temperatures on the Pacific and the Cabo area have cooled due to the wind blowing in cool water. Marlin fishing has been pretty good this past week around the 95 spot and now the fish are moving towards the Eastcape. Most fish being caught have been taken on live bait and lures. I know some of the other fleets have caught fish in this area also from their reports.

Cabo has more Striped Marlin caught than anywhere on earth and here is a little info. About them The striped marlin is a species of marlin found in tropical to temperate Indo-Pacific oceans not far from the surface. It is a desirable commercial and game fish with a record weight (in 1982) of 190 kg (420 lb) and a maximum length of 4.2 m (13.8 ft). The striped marlin is a predator that hunts during the day in the top 100 meters or so of the water column, often near the surface. One of their chief prey is sardines.

DORADO: Finally a few are starting to show up as we landed some really nice ones this past 2 weeks. We are hoping that this could be a good change to start catching Dorado again. As, you guys know over the last 2 years the action for Mahi Mahi hasn’t been what it used to be and hope with normal conditions this coming year and without El Nino we can have a good Dorado year. There are signs that it is getting better but I think we will really be able to tell over the next month or so, as to how it will really be this year. It should really start setting in now with warmer water temperatures expected soon.


SWORDFISH: Haven't heard of any caught this week.


WAHOO: Good last week but haven’t heard a lot this past week. You never know about the WAHOO you catch a bunch and then we go weeks without anything.

TUNA: There is lots of football sized Tuna in our area. The guys are catching all kinds you just to go out looking for them and now most likely you will run into some but you do have to look unless you get lucky. The best area is the 1150 spot and if you use king busters and cedar plugs you will have a good chance of landing some to grill.


INSHORE: Some days have been really good for Roosters and Sierras on the pacific side and then the wind comes up and we get blown out. This has been pretty typical over the last week with some good days and then some bad days. It seems if we do go inshore fishing we will always catch something and if it isn’t a Sierra it’s a Jack Crevell or a Rooster Fish. Guys, there is always inshore action in Cabo and 9 times out of 10 you will catch fish to make a nice dinner with.

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