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May 25 to be “Sportfishing Day” for Cabo

Date: 7/5/2017

From 2018, May 25 will be officially recognised in BCS as “Sport Fishing Day”

The waters around Los Cabos are teeming with game fish:

That is no idle boast! Neither is the title “Marlin Capital Of The World” misplaced. Where else can you expect to catch double figures of marlin in a single day? But there is a lot more than marlin to catch...


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Jc Sportfishing Cabo Fishing Report 30 July 2017

Date Published:

As the Admiral Seas It

Fishing Report: 7/23/17 to 7/30/17

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Good Week for Blues and Striped Marlin!

Pitching Live Bait, Lures, Ballyhoo for Marlin

Blue Marlin Season Kicking in!

Our Bob Marlin Lands 138lb Tuna!

Dorado Fishing Hit or Miss!

Some Dorado 15lb to 25lb!

A Few Big Wahoo at Grey Rock!

Panga Fishing Landing Dorado and Tuna!

Inshore Action Good for Roosters!

WEATHER: Really good weather over the last week with many hot and sunny days. It seems also we have been spared some storms so far this year and we hope we can get through August and September. Highs have been in the ladder 90,s with lows in the low 70,s range. I have been monitoring the weather channels for storms in the eastern pacific and it has been pretty slow as of lately.

WATER: It seems to be changing and cooling down on the Pacific side according to the Tempbreak map. Some areas it is down to 79 degrees and should be cooling off some over the next month. East Cape area still with very warm water up to 88 degrees. Much calmer seas as of the last week with no storms so that was a good news for anglers going out on the local sport fishers. Please check out Tempbreak map to get a good idea on water temperatures.

BILLFISH: Very good Bill fishing for the past month and a half really, lots of Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin but the Sailfish has slowed big time over this time last year when it was all Sailfish. Now the Blue Marlin have unleashed giving us lots of great sportfishing action. We have been hooking record amounts of fish and losing a lot also. Lots of fish up and around Ranch Migrino to San Jamie Banks and there hitting ballyhoo, live bait and lures, but mostly ballyhoo is what is landing them. Everything is strong so you really don’t know what your going to land, as it could be a big Blue Marlin, or even a Black Marlin as it is that time of year for them, and who knows.

DORADO: Were not catching to many Dorado here in Cabo now but up north in Mag Bay it is wide open there. Some reports indicate some really big Bull Dorados being taken. The water up there is really much cooler than what we have been experiencing here in Cabo so we are expecting that when some of that cooler water rolls into our area we will see some good Dorado action also. It has been a really weird year for Dorado as there hasn’t been to many around and it is very similar to last year even when it was hit or miss.

SWORDFISH: Hasn’t heard of any caught this week.

WAHOO: It really slowed on the WAHOO this past week we were really going like gangbusters for like 2 weeks, and now it is normal, meaning when we get a Wahoo we fell pretty lucky that we will be having a great dinner of grilled Wahoo.

TUNA: Our own Bob Malin sportfisher did land a 138lbs Tuna this past week. We aren’t catching a lot but when we do run into a school they are normally nice sized fish. A lot of Tuna action were seeing was mostly football size Tuna being caught tight to the beach using Cedar Plugs and King Busters. The bigger Tuna have moved up and around Jamie Banks. It was good Tuna action at the start of the week but they have moved on since then.

INSHORE: Rooster fish is the main story inshore, along with some Skip Jack. The water has been a little murky, and churned up over the last 2 weeks with all the rain we have had. Small Tuna on sardines has been good inshore if you can find the sardines. From Grey Rock to the Pump House has been the area for decent Tuna and even Sailfish action using ballyhoo. Some small Dorado every once in a while have been landed.

It might be worth grabbing a Panga and going out for a 5 hour excursion to see what happens inshore.

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