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The waters around Los Cabos are teeming with game fish:

That is no idle boast! Neither is the title “Marlin Capital Of The World” misplaced. Where else can you expect to catch double figures of marlin in a single day? But there is a lot more than marlin to catch...

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Jc Sportfishing Cabo Fishing Report 07 May 2017

Date Published:

As the admiral seas it

Fishing Report: 5/1/17 to 5/7/17

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Fishing Unpredictable This Year!

Wind Shuts Port?

A Few Sriped Marlin Light House – 95 Spot!

Lots of Marlin – Tough to get Them to Bite?

A Glimmer of Hope for Dorado Bite?

Nice Size Dorado Taken Near Light House!

Dorado Biting Lures and Livebait!

Toughest Year I Have Ever Seen for Dorado!

Tuna Very Slow – No Blind Strikes!

Wahoo Action – None?

Inshore Angling? – Just Ok?

Nice Size Sierras at Solmar Beach?

Yellowtail and Amberjack Jigging Iron!

WEATHER: Still about the same as last week with nice days and some wind in the afternoons and evening. We have had some very nice weather over the past week. I was out last night and we had some pretty strong north winds that were pretty cool, looks as if they were coming off the Pacific. I think in the afternoons if your fishing on the pacific side expect some rough rides as it has been blowing pretty good in the afternoons. Really as far as temperatures its been really warm in the day time with mostly sunny days and cooler evenings.

WATER: Well, there is a huge difference in the water temperatures on the East Cape compared to closer to Cabo on the Pacific side where there is like a 10 degree difference in water. East Cape some areas are 84 degrees and here close to Cabo on the Pacific it is 74 degrees and colder in some spots, so quite the contrast and this will effect the fishing in both areas as we will be catching something completely different from them boys on the East Cape. This link will you more about water temperatures.

BILLFISH: The Marlin fishing has been just ok. Very unpredictable for Marlin and it has been hit and miss basically. There some to be lots of Marlin around but getting them to bite is another story. It seems there is lots of squid in the water and they are full already on some occasions. I understand the fish are spawing and that’s another story and could have something with the way they are biting.

Striped Marlin being landed from Light House to the 95 spot and most are being caught with live bait, lures and ballyhoo. The average size of marlin being caught is 90lb to 150lb which is basically the Striped Marlin average size. So no shortage of fishing action this past week with our boats doing very well on all species.

DORADO: Well, we are all excited and amazed that we are starting to see a Dorado bite in the area. We are hoping they will start to school up, but it is still pretty early for them.

They are starting to show up in better numbers but still nothing major yet. Some of the fish being caught have been 20lb to 30lb but mostly smaller ones inshore. As far as Dorado goes it has probably been the worst year we have had for Dorado, maybe things are changing.

SWORDFISH: Havent heard of any caught this week.

WAHOO: A few being landed down towards Gordo Banks.

TUNA: The action for Tuna hasn’t been to good over last couple weeks. There has been a few around but mostly football size fish, but no major schools that I have heard of lately.

INSHORE: Jigging iron for Yellowtail and Amber Jacks has been productive at Chileno Bay and Grey Rock. The pangas have been doing well with Roosters with some nice ones being landed and ranging from 15lb to 40lbThe Rooster fishing has been going off up and around the Light House on the pacific.Pangas are having a pretty rough ride this week on the pacific side, but for the hardcore fisherman they love that stuff. So if your into getting wet and sloppy in a Panga head on out cause the action is good inshore. Also, some guys have been catching Skip Jack and Jack Crevail close to shore.

Published by: Jc Sportfishing

Date: 080517

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