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Jc Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report 12th July

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Jc Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report 12th July


Blue Marlin Hook Up Close to 1000lbs!

We Caught a Blue Marlin 270lbs!

Striped Marlin Good Numbers!


Tuna Action 50lb to 150lbs Caught!

The Weather is Smoking Hot Hot!!

Dorado Just Haven't Shown Up?

Wahoo Around Just Hit and Miss!

Roosters on Live Bait, Tight to the Beach!

Good Triggerfish Action for the Kids!

WEATHER: Well the only way to describe it is really hot and being mid summer in Cabo it is nothing new but we are experiencing a much hotter year than previous summers. I have been here a long time, and this is pretty extreme as far as heat goes. Highs are pushing 100 degrees about every day except for today, as I am writing this report we have some overcast skies and its not as hot as it has been but is really humid today. We don’t expect any changes in daytime temperatures so if you’re coming to Cabo expect some pretty warm days.

WATER: Hasn’t changed much in over a week the warm water is here to stay awhile and it feels like a bathtub if you spend time in it. The temps I noticed on the Tempbreak map was 79 to 85 degrees, which is pretty warm all over. If we could get some decent weather I think the fishing would be off the hook. Please check out the Tempbreak map link below to get a good idea on water temperatures.

BILLFISH: Blue Marlin fishing has been hot this past week with us landing a 270lb Big Boy and then hooking into a monster of close to 1000lbs in which we got spooled on 30 wide . The warm water tempertures has brought in the Blues but we aren’t really complaining as it has been an action filled week for sport fishing in Cabo. There has been like 1 to 3 Blues being hooked ever day over last week. Most of the big Blues were hitting live bait and lures from the 95 spot to the 1150.

The Striped Marlin fishing has been pretty decent all week also with quite a few being landed. Sailfish fishing has been pretty hot also this past week with multiple fish being fought and landed, of course we always like to release any Billfish we land. Every year about this time when the Tuna and Dorado fishing slow lots of the crews on the sportfishing boats will want to kill their catches, including Marlin. Please DO NOT give in to this request and explain to the charter company and the crew before you leave the dock that you are not into killing the Marlin. Explain that you want to release any Marlin or Sailfish caught. Please practice CATCH and RELEASE for your kids and grandkids have the same experiences as you and your family now.

DORADO: Dorado fishing really isn’t happening right now and we really aren’t sure when it will kick into gear, its basically a hit and miss deal if you want Dorado. As we have been reporting the Dorado fishing hasn’t really kicked into gear this year or even last year. There has been some caught this past week, and it is better than last week. Most of the fish caught were smaller ones but they are out there and we are happy about that.

SWORDFISH: Hasn’t heard of any caught this week.

WAHOO: A few more reported this past week so we know they are still around and in the area pretty much scattered out. The purple small Marlin jigs are good for the Wahoos.

TUNA: A few Tuna caught while we were fishing for Marlin with lures. Their was some Tuna landed tipping the scales from 50lbs to 150lbs and then a lot of football size Tuna. Most Tuna action has been outside at about 16 to 25 miles offshore in most cases. The area we are catching is the 1150 to San Jamie Banks.

INSHORE: Really about the same as last week, lots of Roosters up and around the Old Light House. Roosters are still the story of the week if you are inshore fishing. The Old Light House seems to be where the inshore action is happening. So jump into a Panga and head up there you might get in on some smaller game action. The kids will get some good action with the Triggerfish and there fun to catch.

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