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JC Sportfishing March 12th to April 1st 2013

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March 12th 2013 WATER: The water has been really cold and green making for not to cool conditions. Choppy conditions have been making it impossible to fish on the Pacific side and with the wind even worse. We have had some 70 degree water all the way up to Jamie Banks. Waves have been 2 to 4 feet on the Pacific and 1 to 3 feet on the Sea of Cortez side. WEATHER: Lots of wind has really played a part in the fishing slowing down over the past week. Windy and choppy water really hurt us this week. We have had lot of days of overcast weather also along with the wind. So all in all it hasn’t been ideal fishing weather. The week started cooler and then about mid week it got warmer with some nights a little humid and then by Friday it had got cold again at night. Last Saturday the port even closed for boats under 30ft due to wind. It was opened back up again afternoon but it has been breezy. BILLFISHING: Well it’s the mid March Blues here in Cabo and the wind did play a big part in the fishing with Marlin catches way down compared to what we have experienced over the last month. There have been some reports of Marlin being taken down at the Gordo Banks. There were boats who tried to go up the Pacific side and got blown away by the wind, probably not a good idea in a smaller boat. Some of the boats that did go up the Pacific reported catches of smaller game fish Sierra and some Yellowtail. Basically the Striped Marlin fishing has been really slow. BAIT: Bait is the standard 3.00 dollares a piece and there has been plenty around. DORADO: The Dorado count is way down over this past week. We do not expect to see the amounts of Dorado we have been seeing for awhile. With the wind and choppy seas its hard to say what the coming week will bring. Maui Maui: But whether it’s called Dolphin or mahi mahi (or Dolphinfish or Dorado) you’ll call it delicious! Mahi mahi is a versatile fish that produces excellent results using just about any cooking method. The mild, sweet flesh – which starts off pinkish but turns white as it cooks – is very lean but also quite moist and flavorful. In addition to their culinary qualities, mahi mahi are highly regarded among game fishermen for the powerful and dramatic fight they put up when hooked, often tearing through the water at speeds up to 50 miles an hour. In fact, 'mahi' is the Hawaiian word for 'strong', so the name 'mahi mahi' is a big hint as to just how formidable they can be....

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